2020.1 — July 7, 2020

Potentially fixed a bug where photo exports were only a solid black rectangle. Please contact support if this continues to be an issue.

2020.0 — February 3, 2020

This release improves the performance and stability of Black Highlighter when editing large photos, such as those taken by newer iPhones. If you were previously encountering long hangs or app crashes when editing photos in the app, please try again with this update.

This release also fixes a few small UI glitches, such as the wrong font appearing on the settings page.

2019.4 — September 24, 2019

We’ve made a new tool available to you: the Ultra Highlighter. The Ultra Highlighter puts some powerful new technology:

The Ultra Highlighter is available as a one-time upgrade purchase, and is already unlocked for anyone who downloaded Black Highlighter prior to this update.

We’ve also added some improvements for all users of Black Highlighter:

2019.3 — September 2, 2019

Just cleaning up a few things before a major release coming Real Soon Now™:

2019.2 — July 9, 2019

You can now use Black Highlighter’s editing tools from inside other apps as an action. Try it out in the Photos app!

Other changes:

2019.1 — June 26, 2019

1.1 — November 26, 2018

1.0.1 — May 28, 2018

1.0 — May 31, 2017

Initial app release.