Share your images, not your secrets.

Black Highlighter makes it easy to hide text you don’t want to share in images you’re going to share anyway.

Hide people’s names, e-mail addresses, and more with just the swipe of a finger.

Magic Highlighter

The Magic Highlighter snaps to and completely covers any text it sees. This makes redactions look neater, while making it harder to guess what lies underneath due to oddly-shaped letters.

Colorful Highlighters

Want to share a conversation thread… but not share who’s in it? Use colors to identify different people instead.

Document Scanner

Even if the text you want to redact is on printed paper, you’re still in luck. Point your camera at any sheet of paper, and Black Highlighter will automatically crop and import it for you.

Requires one-time in-app purchase to unlock. Not available on macOS.

Cross Platform

Black Highlighter is right at home on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. This way, you've got the power of Black Highlighter no matter what situation you're in.

Automatic Redaction

Specify things you always want to redact: names, phone numbers, addresses, and more. Black Highlighter will automatically recognize these and redact them for you.

Requires one-time in-app purchase to unlock.


What’s better than automatic redaction? Automatic automatic redaction. Build workflows with Shortcuts or Automator to do speed up common redactions.

Requires one-time in-app purchase to unlock.