Black Highlighter 22.1 for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS introduces an incredibly fast new way to redact text.

22.1 introduces new Find functionality, to locate specific words in a document and redact them automatically. It’s a little hard to describe how much faster Find is than the Magic Highlighter, so let me show you instead:

With Find, you can find every occurrence of a given bit of text, making sure you don’t accidentally leave it visible anywhere. Find works right alongside all of Black Highlighter’s other tools; you can even use Find with other colors to call out differences in hidden text while still keeping them hidden.

Find is available for free to all users of Black Highlighter 22.1, on all platforms. If you’d like to use the power of Find in a more automatic way, the Ultra Highlighter in-app purchase provides a way to specify words to find and redact in all images.

Happy highlighting!