Black Highlighter version 2021.0 is out now, with a brand-new Mac app! Not only that, this version packs several new features on both iOS and macOS.

The real standout of this version is, of course, support for macOS. The Mac version of Black Highlighter supports most of the features that the iOS version does, and does so in a way that feels perfectly at home on the Mac.

In addition to macOS support, there’s several other improvements. I’m gonna have to come up with a new name for Black Highlighter, because‚Ķ well, there’s now support for colors other than black! On both iOS and macOS, you can select whatever color you want to redact with. Redact text in dark mode better by using a lighter color to match light text. Or use different colors to represent different pieces of information, e.g. multiple speakers in a chat thread.

Black Highlighter now supports automated workflows to integrate the power of redaction with other apps. Pass in a photo and a set of words to redact, and you’ll get back a redacted image. Black Highlighter supports both Shortcuts on iOS and Automator on macOS with the same functionality across platforms.

There’s some additional iOS-specific user interface enhancements, too. You can now find the image you’re looking to edit more easily by navigating your albums and smart collections. On iOS 14, you can limit the photos you have to look through by using the limited photo support to select only the images you want to edit.

Version 2021.0 is available now on the App Store. Official release notes are available on the release notes page. Happy higlighting!