Version 2019.3 of Black Highlighter was released today, September 2nd, 2019. It’s a relatively minor release to get a few minor fixes out in advance of the big iOS 13 release I’ve been working on.

Version 2019.3 improves the look of the “scanning” animation that happens when you trigger the Magic Highlighter; now the scan selects the whole width of a line rather than quickly swiping over it. This animation also has a small visual fix: previously it would “grow” down the page vertically at a quicker rate than it scanned across; this was a bug. It now correctly doesn’t grow at all, scanning the full height of the image from the very beginning.

This version also improves the color contrast of text throughout the app. This should make it a bit easier to read in low-contrast environments, such as bright sunlight, and is helpful for those with limited vision.

Version 2019.3 of Black Highlighter is available now on the App Store. The official release notes are also available.